Viewing, correcting or removing data

Each student who participates in the National Student Survey (NSE) has the right to view, correct or delete their personal data while the study is in progress. You also have the right to later retract your consent for this data to be used and the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You also have the right to data portability. This means that you allow a designated person or organisation to view the personal data that Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze has about you. Read more on how to exercise your rights on this page.

Note: the deadline for submitting a request is 14 October 2024.

How can you submit a request?

Submit your request to view, modify or delete your data via To be able to process your request, we ask that you send your request from the email address we used to invite you to take the NSE.

Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze will respond to requests as quickly as possible (in under four weeks).

When is the deadline for submitting a request?

All email addresses will be deleted on 14 October 2024. From then on, Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze will not have any directly identifying data in its possession and deletion requests cannot be processed.

When is deletion not possible?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes a number of situations in which the right to have your data deleted does not apply. One important example is that it is not possible to remove your data from what is known as the research population. This data is used for weighting and correcting the NSE results. If your data were missing from the research population, it would negatively affect the quality of the research as the research population would no longer correspond to the actual student population.

Note that when you submit a request for deletion of your data, your email address will always be removed from the NSE 2024 mailing list.

2024 NSE Privacy Statement

Read the Privacy Statement for detailed information on how Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze handles your personal data while conducting the 2024 NSE.

Contact regarding the NSE and privacy

Do you need more information on how your personal data is processed and how your privacy is protected while the NSE is conducted? Or do you have queries, tips or complaints about the way Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze handles questions of privacy and personal data?

You also have the possibility of filing a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (information in Dutch) regarding your privacy in relation to the execution of the NSE.

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