National Student Survey Results

The results of the National Student Survey (NSE; Nationale Studenten Enquête) indicate how satisfied students are with their Dutch higher education courses. Students at universities and universities of applied sciences are asked a number of questions, including how satisfied they are with their course programmes and the institutions at which they’re enrolled. The NSE results also provide insight into how students experience the overall atmosphere, the study facilities offered, and the connection between their programme and professional practice.

The results of the 2024 National Student Survey are expected on 28 May.

Student Nationale Studenten Enquête

2023 NSE results summary

The results of the 2023 National Student Survey (NSE) are in. Over 289,000 students at universities and universities of applied sciences were asked what they thought of their current course programmes and institutions.

The results of the 2023 NSE reveal that 79% of the students who participated are satisfied with the overall atmosphere of their course programme. Another aspect of their experience in higher education that students judged positively was that of engagement and contact. On this subject, questions were asked about contact with teachers, feeling at home at the institution and giving and receiving feedback.

Of all the subjects covered in the questionnaire, the information provided to students by their institutions was the aspect they were least happy with. 59% of participants indicated they were satisfied with the information they were given; 14% were not satisfied. The general satisfaction of students in higher education remains at a high level, even increasing slightly in 2023 compared to the previous year. 73% of students were happy with the course programme they chose, up from 72% last year.

View the NSE results

There are different ways to view and compare the results of the National Student Survey.

Results per course

All results of the National Student Survey can be viewed per course at the course pages on the website

National results

The factsheets offer a quick overview of at the national results for universities (wo) and the universities of applied sciences (hbo):

NSE Dashboard

The NSE Dashboard is an interactive dashboard you can use to explore and compare National Student Survey results data simply and intuitively. These data are based on the public benchmark file. This tool makes it easy for you to:

  • review all theme scores on the level of your choice
  • access items within themes via the theme scores
  • download the graph in PDF format 
  • compare the year’s results within institution’s scores 
  • create a list of selections

Get started with the results yourself

Do you want to use the National Student Survey data yourself? Then we have the public NSE benchmark file. This is an SPSS data file made available for analysis and further research. The NSE benchmark file contains the results of the 2023 National Student Suvery core questionnaire. These results have been stripped of personal data. If you’re not familiar with SPSS, have a look at the explanation on the NSE benchmark file (only available in Dutch).

You can access the NSE benchmarkfile via the contact form at the website (information in Dutch). Choose the subject Aanvraag NSE benchmarkbestand (SPSS) (Request NSE benchmark file) and agree to the delivery conditions. If your request is approved, you’ll receive the NSE benchmark file via email, usually in under 5 business days.

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