Share your opinion in the National Student Survey

Student vult de Nationale Studenten Enquête in

What is the NSE?

The National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête®) is a large-scale, nationwide satisfaction survey in which students can share their opinions on their course programmes and universities or universities of applied sciences. The NSE results are used for course selection information, on the website, and for other purposes. In addition, universities and universities of applied sciences can use the results to improve the quality of education.

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The prizes of the NSE 2024 are drawn

Each year there is a raffle of several prizes among the students who completed the NSE questionnaire. By now, the winners are known and have received an e-mail regarding their prize.

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“When a prospective student chooses a course programme, they consider more than just the curriculum and the job opportunities. Being able to compare the general atmosphere, the academic counselling and the facilities offered is important, too.”

Jeroen Kleingeld, 
Productmanager Nationale Studenten Enquête