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NSE Benchmark FILE

Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze provides insights into how satisfied students are with their course programmes in Dutch higher education based on the research of the National Student Survey (NSE; Nationale Studenten Enquête). The results of the NSE are publicly available. If you would like to use the NSE research results, you can request access to the NSE Benchmark File. It contains the complete results of the NSE’s core questionnaire.

Requesting access to the NSE Benchmark File

To request access to the NSE Benchmark File, please fill out our contact form (in Dutch), selecting the subject ‘Aanvraag NSE benchmarkbestand’ (Request NSE benchmark file) from the dropdown list, select your profession, let us know why and how you want to use the benchmark file and agree to the delivery conditions. If your request is approved, you’ll receive the NSE Benchmark File via email in under 3 business days.

Your use of the NSE Benchmark File is subject to Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze’s General Data Delivery Terms and Conditions.

What data contains the NSE Benchmark File

The NSE Benchmark File contains the results of the NSE’s core questionnaire in the form of an anonymised SPSS file that does not include personal data. The use of the Benchmark File is free of charge. Custom products are available at a fee.

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