Where are the results of my programme?

You have completed the National Student Survey (NSE), but the results for your course programme are not available on the website Studiekeuze123.nl. There are different reasons why the results cannot be shown.

Too few respondents

If too few students who are enrolled in your course programme filled out the National Student Survey, it is not possible to guarantee the privacy of the students who participated. That’s why the website Studiekeuze123.nl only shows results for a course programme if there were at least 5 respondents enrolled in that programme.

Registration for the programme has closed

For some course programmes, registration is no longer possible. Students who have already started pursuing this programme are able to finish it, but the programme is not taking any new enrolments. At Landelijk Centrum Studiekeuze, our target audience is prospective students looking to choose a course programme. That’s why we don’t show results for programmes you can no longer enrol in, but only for programmes that are open for registration. Note, however, that your feedback still helps your university or university of applied sciences to improve the quality of their classes, courses and programmes.

Looking for general results?

If you’re interested in the overall NSE results, go to the page National Student Survey Results.